Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation Etc.

Special Event Photography such as Birthday and Anniversary Photography:

Birthdays and anniversaries can sometimes be big milestone occasions from one year old to many other ages like forty, fifty, sixty, one hundred and more!  Anniversaries are the same and people often celebrate these occasions at their homes, restaurants, ballrooms, banquet halls and elsewhere.  Whatever the particular occasion you are celebrating, you often have family and friends with you from out of town or across the country.  It is a perfect time to have the celebration photographed and maybe have some video done too.  You can have small, medium and big group portraits taken, action shots of the festivity happening like cake cutting, people toasting, dancing, talking and hugging, crying with joyful tears, laughing and smiling. These are the special moments of our lives that we cherish and hang on to in our hearts and minds. Pictures can be shared with each other in the short term and long term for enjoyment and connection with loved ones especially now with social media!

Karen loves capturing these occasions, like shooting birthday and anniversary photography, graduations, family reunions and more.  Photography can include action photography, green screen photos, photo booths, and fast on-site printing with backdrops.  Please give us a call or email for more information on availability and pricing.