Karen Campbell Photography
Karen Campbell, Photographer

Hello.  I’m Karen Campbell and I have been doing photography since I was about thirteen years old…it was a hobby turned full time career after my liberal arts degree from UT Austin, my commercial photography associates degree from Austin Community College, as well as full time and freelance assisting many photographers in Texas for several years.  I started shooting professionally in 1996 in Austin and made the move to Dallas in 1997.  Today, I live and work near the Dallas Arboretum and go on location for many jobs.  I also have a studio for shooting some portraits, headshots and product photography.  I am often hired to shoot in both the commercial and retail markets such as magazines, brochures and websites or for everyday people’s needs such as wall prints, web-sites and albums.  I also do digital imaging for retouching and some creative digital artwork too.  Photography has changed a lot since I started, but, it is still very enjoyable since I love the basic aspects of lighting, art and technology, posing and composition.  I’m also a long time member of the American Society of Media Photographers

Please take a look around this photography site or visit my commercial and  personal photography work site at:  http://www.campbellimages.com.

Thank you and I look forward working with you soon!   Karen Campbell, Photographer