About Karen Campbell, photographer

The Start:
Photography has been an evolving, creative outlet from early on in Karen’s life.  It started as a hobby and extracurricular classes as a teenager.  Then, during college years at UT Austin, Karen took art and photojournalism classes while receiving a liberal arts degree with a double major in American Studies and Anthropology.   

From those early photography classes, Karen learned about creating visual metaphors as well as visual stories with continuity.  After finishing a bachelors at UT, Karen received an associates degree in commercial photography from Austin Community College.  This program added technical, creative and business knowledge and skills to go pro.  Along the way,  Karen assisted many great photographers in Austin, Houston and Dallas, Texas.  Around 1995, Karen started shooting custom homes, commercial photography,  portraits, weddings and travel photography in Austin.  In 1997, Karen moved to Dallas, Texas where she has worked as a full-time photographer since.

The Present:
Whether creating personal art and landscape photographs or working with corporate, commercial or editorial clients, Karen brings her personal vision and experience to each shoot.  Karen uses her creative eye, skills, artistic touch, and over two decades of experience when creating still photographs and videos.  For the corporate and advertising world, Karen often shoots environmental and conceptual portraits — she loves engaging with people and making pictures that showcase their personality and interests for everyday people and in the business world.  Karen also shoots architecture, products, video, headshots, and corporate events. 

Based in Dallas, Texas, Karen works with many different industries such as healthcare, industrial, corporate, educational, legal, technical, energy, food and more.  To check out Karen’s commercial photography work look on this website or go to her commercial photography portfolio on her other website:  www.campbellimages.com.

For videos such as interviews and brand highlights, please see the video drop-down menu on this website.  (Interviews are available to view upon request).   

If you would like a quote or more information, just give Karen a call or send an email and we will get back with you ASAP.  Thank you!  

Phone 214.215.8666   Email:  Karen@campbellimages.com