Bridal & Engagement

Bridal and Engagement Portraits:

Your wedding day is coming up and you would like to display an attractive bridal and engagement portrait at the wedding or reception site.  Sometimes, sending out “Save the Date” postcards to family and friends is on the list too.  Then, there is the longer-term desire to have some beautiful wall, table or album pictures to enjoy and share with others.  Your engagement portraits are a great way to capture your bond or the warmth, energy, and love you share.

All of the above are great reasons to book a portrait session with Karen.  She can consult with you to find out your style of pictures and then put together a plan for taking bridal and engagement portraits.  Outdoor locations are often a favorite.  There are so many types of background looks you can choose for your session such as natural and urban scenes. However, a studio session can be done for the engagement session. Bridal portraits are done outside in most cases.   In the session,  we often go for a natural look but we do help guide you in order to have great pictures.

Take a look at Karen’s bridal and engagement portraits on the site and call for a consultation and booking availability!  Looking forward to hearing from you today!

[Bridal, engagement and couples portrait photography by Karen Campbell in Dallas, Texas.  We take extra care and work with you to create the best pictures for your storybooks and walls.  Call Karen for an appointment today!]   

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